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We offer this intial training setup to all of our members so they become better acquainted with how each of our machines work.
During this session you will get a full understanding of the proper range of motion for each machine and the particular muscle group they are working. We will complete the training session with a full workout program that you can follow thereafter.
Check out the bio of each of these personal trainers and use it to decide on the right one for you.
All Fitness West members will receive one personal assessment with a trainer within the 1st month of enrollment.

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Personal Trainers
  • TruSelf Training

Our TruSelf Training's fitness professionals are hand selected based on their top rated certifications and advanced education. They are able to customize specific solution exercises for various fitness goals while also considering medical limitations/restrictions, time frame, and any additional needs.

Their knowledge and guidance makes it easy for you to reach your health and fitness goals while knowing that your workouts are always efficient and safe for you to practice.

Pacific Plaza II 1880 Garnet Ave.
San Diego, Ca. 92109
(858) 272-9378
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