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1.) What are the hours of the Gym?

2.) What about my weight lifting needs?

3.) What about my nutritional needs?

4.) What about Stretching, Relaxation and Massage?

5.) How do I know if someone is using a machine?

6.) What should I wear?

7.) What if I don't know how a machine works or what it is for?

8.) Are there certain places I should stand if I'm using the free weights?


9.) Why are there so many mirrors in
the gym?

10.)Should I warm-up before I stretch?

11.) Why should I stretch before

12.) What is the right way to stretch?

13.) What is interval training?

14.) How do I exercise at the right
intensity level?

15.) What about steady state training?

16.) What exactly IS aerobic training?

Pacific Plaza II 1880 Garnet Ave.
San Diego, Ca. 92109
(858) 272-9378